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The Legend of Zelda: GIFs Between Worlds ⊟

If you were convinced that The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds would be essentially a replica of the SNES game it follows up, Nintendo proved you wrong today by veering away from one of the series’ conventions.

During some point in the game, instead of going through the routine of tackling dungeons in order, acquiring new equipment in a dungeon, then solving that dungeon’s puzzles with the special item to progress, you’ll be visiting Ravio’s shop (not to be confused with Nabbit). There, you can rent or purchase certain items and decide which dungeon you want to try out.

USgamer has a great piece on what this means for the franchise (and why it could be worrisome). I like that Nintendo wants to do something new with the formula, but the last time the company tried a comparable shake-up was with Phantom Hourglass' divisive Temple of the Ocean King.

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